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Hi, I’m Sarah and I use she/her pronouns. I am a white, fat, queer, and cis woman. I strongly believe the healing nature of a strong therapeutic relationship is one where complexity is explored, and nuance is welcomed. I believe when we allow more than a monolithic story to bloom, we make room for everybody. I hope to create an affirming space for you to rediscover all that you already are.


My therapeutic approach is rooted in compassionate curiosity from a relational, attuned, and systemic perspective. I use radical acceptance and radical gratitude to meet you exactly where you are. In the therapy room, I aim to practice from an embodied, trauma-informed, feminist, empathetic, and person-centered perspective. In therapy, I often use parts work from an internal family system (IFS) perspective, mindfulness, and narrative theory to support an understanding and exploration of what someone brings to therapy.


I became a therapist because I believe in the power of collective support, and I believe therapy is one way toward a stronger community. And it is through my work, I feel most connected to others. I aim to provide heart-centered, feminist, intersectional, and person-centered therapy.

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