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The Office Space: Pictures & Directions

Clients and friends,

In September of 2018, the practice moved to a beautiful suite in the Richards Gordon office building, near Snelling and Marshall Ave. This space has been a delight for clients and myself, and I can't wait to welcome you in. A quick tip: if you park at the doors nearest the recycling, those steps lead you directly up to the office!

Accessibility: This location is accessible for those by bus, car, or on foot. The food in the area is dynamite, and I know many great wellness referrals close by!

There is plenty of free parking at the building, so no need to worry about street parking. Additionally, there is accessible parking outside the door with the elevator (the West entry), which allows people to skip the steps. I will have a private waiting room, which will include comfy furniture, local art, many drink options, and some reading materials.

You will enter the lot on the Fry side of the building (on the left, in this image), and to get to the elevator or steps, take a right and park near these West (if you want to use the elevator) or East Stairs (if you want to come straight up to the office via stairs).

The therapy room itself has plenty of space, and options for lounging on the couch, bouncing on a ball, stretching on a yoga mat, doing some art, petting a puppy, etc.

And finally, meet Hazel the #therapyfloof. She is virtually hypo-allergenic, and is sweet company during sessions. If you're a fan of dogs, this should be exciting news! If you're not, I will make sure that she is not there when you are. Here she is in early November of 2018:

Exciting stuff, right?! If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to email me at See you there! :)

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