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I recognize the vulnerability it takes to engage in therapy, and I feel that it is a privilege to be able to walk alongside someone and be a witness to their growth. I value the power of the therapeutic relationship and feel it lays the foundation for the work that is to be done in the therapy space. I am a HAES-aware practitioner and work to create a safe space for people in all bodies. I strive to create a space where individuals can show up as their authentic self and where all parts of their identity (including racial, cultural, faith/spirituality, gender, and orientation) are honored and welcomed.

I provide a strength-based and relational approach to my work with clients. I incorporate an attachment-based lens believing that our early relationships can lay the foundation for how we experience ourselves and others. I find value in how communal, cultural, and familial factors shape who we are and how these factors can also help support us in healing.

I am flexible to the needs of my clients and incorporate a person-centered approach allowing the needs and hopes of each client to influence what the therapy experience looks like. I have experience working with individuals, couples and families in the areas of anxiety/depression, body image, self-esteem, infant mental health, & prenatal/perinatal support.

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