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Healing Through Movement

Join Anne and Maureen for a private 5-week series where we get back to ourselves through attuned strength work and reflection. Heal and strengthen your relationship to yourself with a small group of co-journeyers.

New Group starting 10/22

Class Times: Sundays 2-3pm, Oct 22nd - Nov 19th
Location: F.I.T. Lab in Como Park

Cost: $350 for 5 sessions with Anne and Maureen

Maureen Laufenberg

Get to know Anne and Maureen

Maureen is a trauma therapist and self-proclaimed fat exerciser. She is passionate about the healing power of movement and strength work, and wants to help clients find their specific version of embodied movement. 

Anne is a gentle strength trainer with a focus on accessible, body-affirming movement. Anne helps clients build their strength with intention and support. 


Who Should Attend

Participants will be individuals who want to:

- Grow self-awareness, and find increasing peace and strength in their bodies and lives. 

- Exercise in ways that honor their bodies' worthiness, rather than focus on punishment or harm.
- Learn, grow, practice and process in a space that is specifically designed to be a safe, gentle place for exploration and healing.


* This will be a judgment-free zone where participants are there to heal themselves and support one another. There will be no talk of diet or intentional weight loss at these events. 

Yoga Instructor
Gym Equipments

What to Expect

6 or so participants will meet at The FIT Lab in Como Park. Day 1 will focus on reflection and planning to ensure a sense of safety and readiness for movement. Days 2-4 will include education focused on particular types of movement, allowing participants a chance to find what feels best in their bodies. Reflection and processing will be welcome throughout.

Day 5 will be an open gym experience, with Anne and Maureen there for consult and support. 

Opportunities For Graduates

Upon completion of this series, participants will be invited to attend open-gym sessions with other graduates. Anne and Maureen will be available for consult throughout the open-gym hour. 

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